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The Tester Badge can be obtained by successfully reporting 1 bug on Kogama Forum. Note: This badge on Live and Friends look otherwise than Tester Badge on BR.

This badge belongs to a group of special badges, so it is very difficult to get it, and in some cases it can't even be done.

The design of Tester Badge in Live and Friends Server

Prizes[edit | edit source]

  • 120 gold for the 1st successful bug report.
  • 240 gold for the 5th successful bug report.
  • 480 gold for the 10th successful bug report.

Plus 40 gold for every successful bug report, eg.

First successful bug report, you get 160 gold (120 + 40) etc.

Plus 40 gold for a high-quality report.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The design of Tester Badge in Live and Friends server, found even at BR server. The badge are called "Tester Rookie", it is very rare to get this badge, only a few users are getting this badge with the Live and Friends design in the Brazilian server. About 350 people have this badge (there are 339 people in the ranking, but not all people who have this badge are included)
The design of Tester Badge in BR server

Removed versions of Tester Badge[edit | edit source]

Months ago there were different versions of this badge. They were harder to get, generally because you had to get more bug reports (or mobile bugs). Much fewer people had them than a regular rookie tester badge.

T MobileTesterNinja Default Icon.pngTree01.png
Mobile Tester Ninja
T MobileTesterExpert Default Icon.pngTree01.png
Mobile Tester Expert
T MobileTesterRookie Default Icon.pngTree01.png
Mobile Tester Rookie
T TesterNinja Default Icon.pngTree01.png
Tester Ninja
T TesterExpert Default Icon.pngTree01.png
Tester Expert