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Playing games in Kogama is something easy and fun,for that just following the steps.

First Steps

1. Click Icon Play.PNG on the Homepage.

2. On the homepage, you can see 5 categories of games, these are:

Play Games
  • Popular;
  • Featured;
  • Hot New;
  • Weekly Toplist;
  • Likes

3. After choosing the category and the game you want click Play Game.

4. The game will be loading, this process takes a few seconds depending on the map you're in.

Every map you play for 1 minute, you can get 10 experience points bonus There are also a 'gifts'. If you see a gift on game then you can join and after 1 minute playing click on gift and you get 100 XP! You can get 5 rewards everyday.


The basic controls are:

  • (W or up arrow) Move Fowards.
  • (S or down arrow ) Move Backwards.
  • (A or left arrow) Turn/Move LeftTurn.
  • (D or right arrow) Turn/Move Right.
  • (Space) Jump.
  • (K) Respawn at last checkpoint.
  • (Left mouse button) Shoot.

You can see more in the Controls article.