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Your avatar can be edited at any time, appearing in any game mode any way you want, so check these steps:

Entering in edit mode[]

Entering in Edit Mode

First you need enter in avatar edit mode, for this:

1. Click in your profile in the upper left corner

2. Click into your avatar picture at your profile

3. Select Create Your Avatar


1.Click in ''Build''

2.Click in ''Avatars''

3.Click in ''Build'' in one of the avatars

First Commands[]

When entering for the first time, a brief tutorial will appear but if you skipped it no problem, just follow the article.

1. The keys W A S D move your character in a horizontal where:

W (Front)

S (Back)

A (Left)

D (Right)

2. The E and C keys move your character in a vertical where:

E (Top)

C (Down)

3. You can freely move your mouse to the direction of the camera clicking into the right button of your mouse


Select Body Part

In avatar editing mode you can select from several body parts, these are:

  • Head
  • Arms
  • Trunk
  • Legs
  • Foot

This division will allow you to have better control of the editions of each part of the body of your character.

Edit Tools[]

  • Change Block.PNG To add Cubes, first type 1, or select edit cube in top, after click on the small cube that appears to the right side of the screen, there you can select a myriad of them.
  • DeletCube.PNG To delete cubes, type 2, or select delete cube in top, if that you can remove them.

    Drawing Plane Example

  • PaintCube.PNG To paint cubes, type 3, or select paint cubes in top, with this you can paint the blocks according to any selected.
  • DrawPlan.PNG To see the drawing plane, type F, with this tool you are able to create a spreadsheet in your edition, to put blocks about on it.

With the cubes you can model, changing the way you want the selected body part in as you wish, creativity is unlimited.



In Game Avatar Shop

* In Game[]

The original game shop is in-game by clicking on the icon T Add Avatar Default Icon.PNG of your game, there you can find original game avatars to buy, edit and play if them

* Community Shop[]

In Game Avatar Shop

The community game shop can be accessed clicking on the shop icon on the homepage in avatar section, there you can find awesome community avatar creations to buy, edit and play if them(but you can't sell a avatar made by someone else).


Cosmetic Shop

To enter, click on the market cart at the bottom of the page

With this shop you can choose among several cosmetics for your avatar, divided into 4 subcategories:

  • Hats
  • Particles
  • Back Accessories
  • Featured

After choosing one, you are able to change prefixes of size and height according to the selected item.

Taking Screenshot[]

Taking Screenshot

After you finish your avatar, you can take a screenshot so that it is tornable visible in your profile or in the community market if you're selling it, for this:

  • Click the Screenshot Icon.PNG that appears bellow the screen.
  • When you are ready click Ok.

The loading usually does not take long. After this your avatar will have an updated photo!

Selling Avatar[]

Selling Avatar

The store is a way in which you can share your creations and sell them to the community of the game, this can be done after the player passes from level 3. For this:

  • Click in the Publish Game Icon.PNG that appears below the screen of your game.
  • Enter a avatar name.

That will appears in the shop for other players.

  • When you are ready click Ok.

A loading screen will appear, which usually does not take a minute. After this your avatar will be published on the site, to access the page in the market for your avatar, go to your profile in Avatar Market section.

  • Note: Currently avatars can only be sold through the WebGL browser


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