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Joined KoGaMa on May 23, 2017

Unicorn is a member of Multiverse ApS company since 23rd May 2017. And is an Unicorn lover.

Her first role in KoGaMa was related to the Community Management, in the Live Server, and in the BR Server as she also speaks Portuguese. She was assigned to make and publish Highlights of the Week, to host play sessions and Competitions/Contests.
She is currently the main employee managing the KoGaMa Support mails & tickets, answering and helping users with their issues on KoGaMa. She recently also became a QA Tester which was actually the job she initially applied for, is currently assigned to checking reported bugs by the Community on the Forums.
She even has her own Badge in the Brazilian Server, named Unicorn, for the awesome work she has done in the Brazilian Community.

(This badge could be also earned by drawing A Fan art for unicorn, But it no longer works anymore)

Live Server[]

Her first News Post on the Live Server was on October 26, 2017, and it was the "SpOoky Halloween Competition".

BR Server[]

She has been mostly active in the BR Server, and has been taking care of the Highlights of the Week (Destaques da Komunidade) in the Br Server from the #190 to the #219.


  • Favorite Ice cream: "Favorite ice cream flavor is a difficult one... I'd probably say the Ben & Jerry's Half baked flavor lol. But other favorites include Mint chocolate chip, mango and licorice 🌈"