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This is an incomplete list of features known to have been in development but never fully released. This is not a list for features implemented, but later removed, from public access.


Broader Marketplace[]

  • The original Kogama website's marketplace featured numerous unused tabs (buttons that didn't do anything when clicked), including blueprints, pickups, kogas, and music, pointing to plans for user-generated content beyond models[1]
  • This marketplace predates custom avatars (possible meaning of "kogas"); it also predates blueprints and sound emitters altogether


Cube Sound Prototype[]

  • The cube sound prototype was never specifically stated to be logic-related.
  • The prototype consisted of a menu with a 5x5 grid of cubes. Each cube acted as a button, producing sound when clicked and silencing when clicked again. The prototype allowed the mixing of different sounds to produce a wide array of custom music.
  • Many of the sounds heard in the sneak peek video were later implemented in the sound emitter.[2]

Control Room[]

  • The "control room" was a temporary name for a project involving the implementation of numerous controls over gameplay. Some of these controls were possibly implemented in the death match cube and the round time cube.
  • The most-hyped feature of the "control room" was modifiable gravity.

Round Cube[]

  • The test server's round cube featured additional winning condition options (used to determine winner if round ended), most of which were implemented other cubes or removed altogether.



  • The monoplane blueprint entered the test servers around the same time as the jetpack. It never made it into a public release, however.
  • The monoplane model was a slightly-altered sideways hovercraft. It was a vehicle capable of flight, heavily-reliant upon careful use of the mouse for control. Collision with terrain usually proved fatal to the vehicle. It's likely that the monoplane's difficult handling kept release from going further than the test server.

Dragon NPC[]

  • Developed by an intern, the dragon was a fire sentry-like stationary NPC that hurtled explosive fire balls at the player.[3]


  • The hovercraft as it appeared on the test server featured a brake, activated via spacebar (prior to the "glide" feature)

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